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Water Quality

Aurora takes great pride in the quality of our drinking water. Our labs test over 87,000 samples system-wide to ensure that the great tasting water we deliver to your house everyday meets and exceeds all state or federal regulatory standards. Every year, we provide a technical report on the results of our continuous laboratory testing.

Beer brewers and fish tank owners often need more information about our water than
the EPA requires us to report,so we've included some of it below. Hope it's helpful.
From 2020 Water Quality Report

Secondary Contaminants &
Other Unregulated Monitoring
Units  MCL SMCL Average
Level Detected
Range Sample Date   
Alkalinity (as CaCO3) ppm N/A N/A 92 48-141 daily Water Quality Parameter
Calcium ppm N/A N/A 43 21-58 monthly Erosion of natural deposits
Chloride ppm N/A 250 52 18-89 monthly Erosion of natural deposits
Conductivity µmhos/cm N/A N/A 476 237-736 monthly Water Quality Parameter
Hardness (as CaCO3) ppm N/A
N/A 132 67-177 daily Erosion of natural deposits
Hardness-CA (as CaCO3) ppm N/A N/A 108 53-145 weekly Erosion of natural deposits
pH SU N/A N/A 8.1 7.3-8.4 daily Water Quality Parameter
Sodium ppm N/A 10,000 45.8 23-84 yearly Erosion of natural deposits
Sulfate ppm N/A 250 70 31-106 monthly  Erosion of natural deposits

2020 Water Quality Report
Previous Aurora Water Quality Reports  

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