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Running For Office

Group during election

Qualifications for Municipal Office

People wishing to serve as an Aurora elected official must meet the following requirements:

  • Registered elector

  • Citizen of the United States

  • 21 years of age

  • Resident of Aurora for at least one year preceding the date of the election

  • If elected from a ward, a one-year resident and registered elector of that ward.

A person who has been convicted of a felony shall not become a candidate nor hold elective office. No council member shall hold any other elective public office nor be a salaried employee of the city of Aurora.

Once a person has filed a nomination petition, the signatures on the petition checked, and the person certified as a candidate, the candidate's name and contact information will be listed on the Elections web page.

For a list of persons who have declared an intention to run for municipal office, please contact the City Clerk, at

Candidate Information and Guides

If you are interested in running for municipal office in Aurora, please see the Candidate Handbook for detailed information.

Refer to the 
Campaign Finance Guide or the FAQ - Election Finance Campaign to explore questions and help guide you through the process of campaign finance reporting.

Council Candidate Campaign Prep Virtual Training Session

Learn how to become a city council candidate, the requirements for reporting contributions and expenditures, and the process and requirements for nomination petitions.

Recording of the WebEx virtual training session: Candidate Training Session

PowerPoint presentation for the virtual training: Candidate Training Power Point.pptx

Initial Filing Paperwork

The following forms should be emailed to the City Clerk's office at

Candidate Affidavit

Standalone Candidate Affidavit

Treasurer Affidavit

Committee Registration Statement

Getting on the Ballot

People wishing to run for municipal office must obtain from and file nomination petitions with the city clerk. For mayor and city council at-large candidates, the petitions shall be signed by registered electors residing within the corporate limits of Aurora. For candidates from a ward, the petitions shall be signed by registered electors residing within the corporate limits of Aurora and the ward that the person wishes to represent.

Signature requirements are:

  • For mayor and council members at-large: 100 signatures

  • For council members from within a ward: 50 signatures

Registered electors may sign nomination petitions as follows:

  • One petition for the office of council member from within a ward

  • One petition for the office of mayor

  • No more than two petitions for the office of council member at-large

The completed petition must be mailed to:

City of Aurora
Attention: City Clerk - Elections
15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012

Political Signs

Political Signs Also known as Temporary Signs for Non-Commercial Event (Such as an election or community affair).

* Free standing political signs must be solidly supported in the ground, in good repair, and firmly attached to mounting devices.

* Political signs cannot be attached to any traffic control device, directional or regulatory sign, or placed in the public right-of-way. Public right-of-way includes all street medians, visibility triangles (equilateral triangle areas at intersections extending approximately 30 feet from corner), and highway/street shoulders. Generally, right-of-way along highways and streets extends in towards the property approximately ten (10) feet from the curb, flow line or gutter.

* Political signs cannot be erected on any public property, such as parks, public buildings, bike paths and public signs.

* Signs cannot be larger than six square feet per side and no more than four feet from the ground.

* Signs must be removed seven days following the date of the election.

* Political signs do not require a permit, but this exemption does not relieve the owner (candidate) of the responsibility for the erection, maintenance and compliance with the provisions of the code or ordinances pertaining to signs.

* To place a political sign on a vacant property requires the permission of the property owner before posting. To obtain owner information of a vacant property, the following information is provided: For properties in Arapahoe County, call 303.636.1371 For properties in Adams County, call 303.659.2120.

Political signs in violation of any portion of the City Code may be confiscated without notice by city staff according to the provisions of Aurora City Code Section 146-1609.

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