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Forms and Applications

Pre-application MeetingsThe Office of Development Assistance (ODA) offers a pre-application meeting to introduce someone interested in proceeding with a development project on a specific site to the city of Aurora development process. The pre-application meeting is designed to help landowners, developers and their consultants understand the city of Aurora submittal requirements to obtain development approval and building permits.

Contact ODA at 303.739.7345 or for inquiries regarding the Development Process for your specific project.

Development Application: The Planning and Development Services Department implemented an electronic submission application for all new Development Applications submitted after Feb. 1, 2012.  If you have not been through the pre-application process with the Office of Development Assistance, please call 303.739.7250 and ask to speak with a case manager. 

Minor Amendment ApplicationUse this application form for the following type of requests: Minor changes to existing Site Plans, Redevelopment Plans with relatively minor changes, New House Models, and Parking Plans. Certain Site Plan changes may require a Development Application as described in the Zoning Code Sec. 146-405(H). Contact the Planning & Development Services Department for additional information. An instruction sheet is attached to the form.

NOTE: If a Case Manager is already assigned to your case, it is advisable to call and make an appointment to meet with him or her directly.

Mylar Change ApplicationUse this application for very minor alterations to existing Planning & Development Services Department mylar drawings. The mylar change process can be used to document very minor changes at the time of a Certification of Occupancy inspection, to correct typographical errors, or to add missing dimensions or notations. Mylar changes must be filed in person at the planning counter in the Planning & Development Services Department.

NOTE: Please call to schedule an appointment with Case Manager prior to submitting this application.

Pre-Submittal Meeting Checklist: Use this form when preparing for a Development Application pre-submittal meeting with your case manager.

Mylar Checklist
Use this checklist as you prepare your Mylars to be submitted to your case manager and routed at the city. The Mylar Checklist must be completed and submitted with your Mylars. 

Please note: Mylar routing takes between 2 and 3 weeks to complete.

Zoning Inquiry Application: Use this application when your development proposal will involve a rezoning or when requesting a Conditional Use. A Zoning Inquiry meeting must be held prior to a pre-application meeting with the Office of Development Assistance when requesting a rezoning.

Zoning Verification Form: Use this form to request a letter verifying the zoning of a specific property.

Procedures and Instructions:  
Click on one of the icons to access manuals that will help you prepare framework development plans, site plans and subdivision plans.

Code Criteria for Application Approvals
Conditional Uses
Contextual Site Plans
Deferral of Public Improvements
Plats - Amended
Plats - New
Plats - Vacations
Extension of Expired Site Plans
Framework Development Plans
Framework Development Plan Amendments
General Development Plans
General Development Plan Amendments
Initial Zonings and Rezonings
PD Zoning
Redevelopment Plans
Sign Waivers - Administrative
Sign Waivers - Planning Commission
Site Plans
Site Plans - Administrative Amendments
Street Vacations

Other Miscellaneous Forms
Notice of Public Hearing Form: Use this form to notify abutting property owners about Planning Commission or City Council hearings on your Development Application.

Posted Notice of Public Hearing Instructions: These instructions provide guidance for sign posting when a development application requires a public hearing.

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